How Purewick Works

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Purewick works by using a soft and flexible external catheter to gently draw urine away from the body, helping to keep the skin dry and reducing the risk of skin irritation and infection. This innovative technology provides an effective solution for managing female incontinence without the need for a traditional indwelling catheter.

Purewick is designed to provide comfort, convenience, and dignity for the user while also simplifying the tasks of caregivers. The device is easy to set up, clean, and maintain, making it a valuable tool for healthcare professionals in various settings.

With its non-invasive approach and positive impact on patient care, Purewick offers a new and improved alternative for managing female urinary incontinence.

How Purewick Works


Components Of Purewick

Understanding the components of Purewick is essential to comprehend how this innovative device works. Purewick consists of three key components: the collection canister, external tubing, and wick. Each of these components plays a crucial role in enhancing patient comfort and facilitating efficient urine output management.

Collection Canister

The collection canister is an integral part of Purewick, designed to efficiently collect urine during use. It is a transparent container that securely holds the urine, ensuring easy monitoring and management by healthcare professionals. The canister is strategically positioned to enable effective drainage and prevent any leakage, minimizing the risk of contamination and ensuring a clean and hygienic environment.

External Tubing

The external tubing of Purewick serves as a vital conduit for urine to pass from the wick to the collection canister. Made from a flexible and durable material, the tubing is designed to seamlessly connect the wick to the canister, ensuring a smooth flow of urine. Its length and flexibility allow for easy maneuverability and placement, providing patients with optimal comfort and mobility.


The wick is the heart of the Purewick system, responsible for effectively and efficiently capturing urine. Made of soft and absorbent material, the wick gently adheres to the female anatomy, creating a leak-resistant seal. Through capillary action, the wick draws the urine away from the body into the external tubing and ultimately into the collection canister. This innovative design helps minimize skin maceration and the potential for urinary tract infections, promoting patient care and comfort.


Mechanism Of Action

The mechanism of action of Purewick involves its unique design and functional components that work together to effectively manage urine in non-ambulatory female patients. Understanding how Purewick works is essential in appreciating its benefits and functionality.

Absorption Of Urine

When urine is excreted, the Purewick device contacts the perineal area to immediately and gently wick and absorb the urine from the skin, keeping the area dry and comfortable while preventing skin breakdown.

Wicking Process

The wicking process of Purewick involves the use of a soft, flexible external catheter that connects to a continuous low-pressure suction source. This allows the wick to securely pull the urine away from the body, and efficiently transport it into a designated collection canister.

Benefits Of Purewick

The Benefits of Purewick are numerous and contribute to the improved comfort and care of patients. The innovative design of Purewick offers a range of advantages, including reductions in skin breakdown and the decreased need for catheters. These benefits make Purewick a game-changer in the field of healthcare.

Reduction Of Skin Breakdown

Purewick’s gentle but effective suction mechanism helps in reducing the risk of skin breakdown. By keeping the periurethral area dry, it minimizes the chances of skin irritation and breakdown, providing greater comfort and hygiene for the patient.

Decreased Need For Catheters

One of the remarkable advantages of Purewick is its ability to decrease the need for catheters. This not only avoids the discomfort associated with catheterization but also reduces the risk of urinary tract infections, contributing to better patient outcomes and overall satisfaction.

Clinical Applications

Discover the clinical applications of Purewick, an innovative device revolutionizing patient care. This advanced technology provides effective and non-invasive urine management for patients, enhancing comfort and reducing infection risks. Learn how Purewick works to improve healthcare outcomes and ensure better overall patient experience.

Post-operative Care

One of the key clinical applications of the Purewick system is in post-operative care. After surgery, patients are often bedridden or immobilized, making it challenging for them to use conventional means of urinary management. The Purewick system offers a simple and effective solution to this problem, allowing patients to maintain proper hygiene and comfort while minimizing the risk of urinary tract infections.

The Purewick system is designed to be non-invasive and easy to use, providing a comfortable alternative to traditional urinary catheters. It consists of a soft, flexible, and disposable external female urinary catheter, which is connected to a low-pressure suction device. The device gently pulls urine away from the body, using a specialized wick, and collects it in a sealed container.

The Purewick system’s gentle and continuous suction helps to keep the patient dry, reducing the risk of skin breakdown and infection. This is particularly beneficial for patients with compromised immune systems or those who are prone to allergies or infections.

In addition, the Purewick system offers a significant advantage in terms of patient mobility. Unlike traditional catheterization methods, which restrict movement and can cause discomfort, the Purewick system allows patients to move freely and independently without the need for external assistance. This not only enhances patient comfort and dignity but also promotes faster recovery and improved quality of life.

Incontinence Management

Another important clinical application of the Purewick system is in the management of urinary incontinence. Incontinence can be a distressing and embarrassing condition, causing significant discomfort and impairing daily activities. However, with the Purewick system, patients can regain control and confidence in their daily lives.

The Purewick system’s external female urinary catheter is designed to fit securely and discreetly between the labia, effectively collecting urine and keeping the skin dry. The continuous suction of the device prevents leakage and odor, allowing individuals to engage in normal activities without worry or embarrassment.

This innovative technology not only offers relief from incontinence-related challenges but also helps to prevent skin irritation and infections that can result from prolonged exposure to moisture. With the Purewick system, patients experience improved comfort, reduced skin care issues, and enhanced overall well-being.

How Purewick Works


Frequently Asked Questions For How Purewick Works

How Does Purewick Stay In Place?

The PureWick device stays in place through its gentle adhesive backing that securely attaches to the skin.

How Does Purewick Female Catheter Work?

PureWick female catheter is a device designed to assist women with urinary incontinence. It has a soft, flexible fabric that absorbs urine and draws it away from the body. It is easy to use, hygienic, and helps keep the skin dry and clean.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Purewick?

The disadvantages of PureWick may include discomfort for some users. It may not be suitable for all individuals.

Is A Purewick Better Than A Catheter?

Yes, a PureWick is a better alternative to a catheter as it reduces the risk of urinary tract infections and skin breakdown. It provides a non-invasive and more comfortable option for managing female urinary incontinence.


Purewick offers a remarkable solution for managing urinary incontinence. With its innovative design and efficient technology, it provides a hassle-free and dignified alternative to traditional methods. The user-friendly interface and comfortable fit make it a game-changer in the healthcare industry.

By improving patient experience and reducing the workload on medical professionals, Purewick brings convenience and peace of mind to those in need. Don’t miss out on this life-changing device!

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