How to Get Hematite in Astroneer

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To get Hematite in Astroneer, you can find it on the surface of planets or by smelting laterite in a smelting furnace. Looking to acquire Hematite in Astroneer?

This popular resource can be obtained in two efficient ways. First, you can locate it right on the surface of various planets within the game. Alternatively, smelting laterite using a smelting furnace can also yield Hematite. Whether you prefer exploring or crafting, you can easily obtain this valuable resource to advance your Astroneer gameplay.

Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to acquire Hematite and make the most of its useful properties in Astroneer.

Finding Hematite

To obtain Hematite in Astroneer, players need to venture underground and explore different cave systems. Look for the reddish-brown metallic mineral in the caves and mine it using a Terrain Tool or Drill Mod. Hematite is essential for crafting various items and should be collected to progress in the game.

Embark on a space adventure to find hematite by exploring various planets in Astroneer.

Here are some mining tips to help you efficiently gather hematite:

Explore different planets in Astroneer to discover the valuable resource known as hematite. Keep an eye out for its distinct reddish-brown hue.

Travel to different planets within the game to locate deposits of hematite. Utilize your rover or shuttle for efficient exploration.

  • Use your terrain tool to dig deep and uncover hematite ore veins.
  • Construct a smelting furnace to process the hematite ore into usable resources.
How to Get Hematite in Astroneer


Exploring Planets

One of the most exciting aspects of Astroneer is the opportunity to explore various planets throughout the solar system. Each planet offers its own unique challenges and resources, including the coveted mineral hematite. If you’re eager to get your hands on this valuable resource, read on to learn how to navigate the vast landscapes and successfully locate hematite on your planetary expeditions.

Selecting Suitable Planets

When starting your exploration journey, it’s crucial to choose planets that are more likely to contain hematite deposits. While hematite can be found on almost any planet in Astroneer, some have higher concentrations than others. For a higher chance of success, consider planets with a rocky terrain, such as Terran, Exotic, or Radiated.

Using Terrain Tool

The terrain tool is your best companion when it comes to extracting resources on planetary surfaces. To increase your chances of finding hematite, use the terrain tool to dig into the ground, creating tunnels and cavities. Hematite most commonly appears near the core of planets or underground, so ensure you explore the depths and uncover the hidden treasures.


Remember: Hematite has a distinct reddish color, making it easier to spot. Keep an eye out for its unique hue as you dig through the terrain.

Once you’ve located a hematite deposit, use the terrain tool’s mode switch to extract the mineral effectively. Switch to the flatten or collect mode, depending on the shape and size of the hematite deposit you’ve found. With the terrain tool in hand, you’ll be able to gather ample amounts of hematite to aid your next steps in building and exploration.

Mining Tips

Learn valuable Mining Tips for acquiring Hematite efficiently in Astroneer. Use automated extractors on rocky or mountainous terrains to yield this vital resource. Collaborate with other players or explore solo to boost your Hematite supply.

Mining Tips

Locating Hematite Deposits

When it comes to mining hematite in Astroneer, it’s crucial to know where to find the deposits. Hematite can typically be found on the surface of terrestrial planets, such as Desolo, Vesania, or Calidor, as well as on the Moon’s surface. Look out for reddish-brown rock formations or patches that indicate the presence of hematite. These formations might be spotted within canyons, mountainsides, or even scattered across the terrain.

Remember, hematite can also be found in caves. Explore caverns and underground tunnels to uncover hidden deposits. It’s recommended to bring along a terrain analyzer to easily identify hematite deposits by their characteristic red color.

Efficient Extraction Techniques

Once you’ve located a hematite deposit, it’s time to start mining it. To extract hematite effectively and efficiently, follow these techniques:

  1. Equip a terrain tool and flatten the area around the deposit to create a smooth surface for easier mining.
  2. Using a paver attachment to your rover or large rover can automatically create ramps for easy access to higher deposits.
  3. Use the terrain tool to collect the hematite. Point the tool at the deposit and hold the extraction key until you’ve successfully collected the resource.
  4. Transporting large amounts of hematite can be made more efficient by utilizing large storage containers. Attach these containers to your vehicle to maximize your cargo capacity.
  5. Consider using a drill mod on your terrain tool for a faster mining process. This mod will allow you to mine hematite quicker than using the standard terrain tool alone.

By following these mining tips, you’ll be able to locate hematite deposits with ease and extract the resource efficiently. Remember to plan your expedition accordingly, and always gather the necessary equipment before embarking on your mining journey!


Utilizing Hematite

Utilizing Hematite in Astroneer is key to advancing your base and crafting essential items. Hematite is a valuable resource that can be obtained on different planets within the game.

Smelting Process

To smelt Hematite, you need to use a Smelting Furnace, which converts the raw resource into usable Iron. Placing Hematite in the Smelting Furnace with some power will result in the production of Iron, a vital component for various recipes.

Applications In Base Building

Hematite is crucial for creating various structures and tools in your base. It can be used to craft items like platforms, storages, and vehicles. Ensuring a steady supply of Hematite is essential for the growth and expansion of your base.

Trading And Transporting

In Astroneer, procuring hematite is essential for resource management and crafting. One of the key tactics to obtain hematite is through trading and transporting. Utilizing trade platforms and transport vehicles can streamline the process, making it more efficient and allowing you to focus on exploration and expansion.

Trade Platforms

Trade platforms are a fundamental element for acquiring hematite in Astroneer. These platforms enable players to exchange resources they have gathered for those they require. To obtain hematite, players can use their surplus resources and place them on the trade platform, initiating an exchange for hematite. This can be a particularly effective strategy when specific resources are scarce in the immediate vicinity, offering a solution for obtaining hematite without extensive exploration.

Transport Vehicles

Utilizing transport vehicles is an expedient method for acquiring hematite in Astroneer. Vehicles such as rovers and large rovers can be utilized for transporting resources effectively over long distances. By loading hematite onto these vehicles, players can efficiently transport it back to their base or desired location. Additionally, utilizing storage units on these vehicles can help maximize the amount of hematite that can be transported in a single journey, streamlining the process of gathering and relocating the resource.

How to Get Hematite in Astroneer


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Get Hematite In Astroneer

Where Can I Find Hematite?

Hematite can be found in various places, including Brazil, Australia, Venezuela, South Africa, and the United States.

Is Hematite On Sylva?

Yes, hematite is found on Sylva. It is a common mineral that can be found in various locations on the planet. Hematite is known for its metallic luster and reddish-black color. It is often used in jewelry and as a pigment in paints.

Where Does Iron Spawn In Astroneer?

Iron spawns in various locations underground on different planets in Astroneer. It can be found by mining nodes or extracting it from resource deposits.

What Resource Is Iron In Astroneer?

Iron is a resource in Astroneer found in caves underground on all planets. It is used to craft various items and structures in the game.


To sum up, acquiring Hematite in Astroneer is crucial for various crafting purposes. By following the detailed steps mentioned, you can efficiently gather this valuable resource in the game. Remember to explore different planets and use the right tools for a successful mining experience.

Happy gaming!

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