How to Fix Flared Teeth After Braces

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To fix flared teeth after braces, consult with an orthodontist for possible retainer or veneer solutions. Flared teeth can be corrected post-braces through various cosmetic dental treatments, ensuring a perfectly aligned smile and optimal oral health.

Flared teeth are a common issue that may occur after braces treatment, leading to misalignment and aesthetic concerns. Whether you are experiencing minor flaring or more severe misalignment, seeking professional advice from an orthodontist is crucial in addressing and rectifying the problem effectively.

With the advancements in cosmetic dentistry, there are now advanced solutions such as retainers and veneers that can help in fixing flared teeth and achieving a harmonious smile. Understanding the options available and working closely with your orthodontist will ensure a successful outcome in correcting flared teeth post-braces.

How to Fix Flared Teeth After Braces


Causes Of Flared Teeth

Flared teeth, also known as protruding front teeth, can be a common concern after braces treatment. Understanding the causes of flared teeth can help you address the issue effectively. Let’s delve into the specific factors that contribute to flared teeth and how they can be managed.


Genetics play a significant role in the alignment of your teeth. If one or both of your parents have flared teeth, there’s a higher likelihood that you may also experience this dental issue. Genetic predisposition to flared teeth can influence the natural positioning of your teeth, making them more prone to protrusion.

Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a common habit among children that can lead to flared teeth. The pressure exerted by the thumb against the front teeth during prolonged sucking can push them forward, causing misalignment. It’s essential to address thumb sucking early to mitigate its impact on dental development.

Tongue Thrusting

Tongue thrusting, where the tongue pushes against the teeth during swallowing, speaking, or at rest, can also contribute to flared teeth. The continuous pressure from the tongue can gradually push the front teeth outward, leading to protrusion and misalignment.

Assessment By An Orthodontist

Assessment by an orthodontist is essential to fix flared teeth after braces. Through a thorough evaluation, the orthodontist determines the best treatment plan to correct the misalignment and achieve a straighter smile. They will consider factors like tooth position, bite alignment, and jaw structure to provide personalized solutions for each patient.

` initial Consultation `

` After your initial consultation with the orthodontist, they will assess your teeth alignment. They will discuss your concerns and what you hope to achieve regarding your flared teeth. `

` x-rays And Impressions `

` X-Rays and impressions play a vital role in diagnosing and planning the treatment. These detailed images help the orthodontist understand the position of your teeth better. The impressions allow them to create custom appliances that precisely fit your teeth. `

` treatment Plan `

` The orthodontist will create a customized treatment plan specifically for your condition. They will discuss the treatment options available to correct your flared teeth. The plan may include the use of braces, retainers, or other orthodontic procedures. Rest assured, the assessment by an orthodontist is crucial to fixing your flared teeth post-braces.

Treatment Options For Flared Teeth

When it comes to addressing flared teeth post-braces, there are several effective treatment options available:

Traditional Braces

Utilized for aligning teeth effectively through gradual adjustments.

Invisible Aligners

Custom-made clear aligners that discreetly shift teeth into proper alignment.


Worn after braces or aligners to maintain teeth position and prevent relapse.


Duration Of Treatment

Fixing flared teeth after braces is a process that requires time and patience. The duration of the treatment varies depending on the severity of the flaring and the specific needs of the individual. Understanding the time frame for treatment can help manage expectations and provide the necessary support for a successful outcome.

Varies Depending On Severity

The time needed to fix flared teeth after braces can vary significantly based on the severity of the misalignment. Minor cases may require a shorter treatment period, while more severe cases could necessitate a longer-term commitment to achieve the desired results. Orthodontic professionals will assess the individual’s condition to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

Typically 6 To 36 Months

In most cases, the process of correcting flared teeth after braces can take anywhere from 6 to 36 months. The length of treatment is influenced by factors such as the degree of the flaring, the patient’s adherence to treatment guidelines, and the effectiveness of the chosen corrective measures. During this time, regular check-ups and adjustments will be necessary to monitor progress and make any required modifications to the treatment plan.

Importance Of Retention

Retention is crucial in maintaining the alignment of teeth after braces. Proper usage of retainers helps to fix flared teeth by preventing them from shifting back to their original position. It is important to diligently follow post-braces orthodontic care to achieve and maintain the desired results.

Wearing Retainers After Treatment

The journey to achieving a beautiful smile doesn’t end when braces are removed. It’s crucial to understand the significance of wearing retainers after orthodontic treatment. Retainers play a key role in maintaining the corrected position of your teeth, ensuring a long-lasting and successful outcome.

Long-term Results

Retainers should be considered an essential part of your post-braces routine, as they help prevent the relapse of flared teeth. Flare-ups can occur if the teeth aren’t adequately supported after treatment, potentially compromising the time, effort, and financial investment you’ve put into achieving a straight smile.

Benefits Of Retention

Wearing retainers as prescribed by your orthodontist offers several benefits. Let’s explore a few:

  • Stability: Retainers provide stability to your teeth by preventing them from shifting back to their original position. They help maintain the desired alignment achieved through braces.
  • Prevention of Flare-ups: By consistently wearing retainers, you can minimize the risk of flared teeth returning, ensuring your smile remains straight and attractive.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Retainers are custom-designed to fit your mouth, making them comfortable to wear. They gently guide your teeth into their proper positions, allowing your bite to function optimally.

Tips For Successful Retention

Here are some practical tips to help you maintain the benefits of wearing retainers:

  1. Consistency: Wear your retainers as instructed by your orthodontist. Consistency is key for preventing any chance of relapse.
  2. Cleanliness: Ensure you keep your retainers clean by gently brushing them with a toothbrush and mild toothpaste. This helps maintain good oral hygiene and prevents bacterial buildup.
  3. Storage: Store your retainers in a protective case when they are not in use. This prevents damage, loss, or accidental tooth movement
  4. Check-ups: Regularly schedule follow-up appointments with your orthodontist to monitor your progress and ensure that your retainers are functioning effectively.


In conclusion, retention is a vital component of the orthodontic journey, helping to prevent relapse and maintain the corrected position of your teeth. By following the recommendations of your orthodontist and being diligent in wearing and caring for your retainers, you can enjoy the long-term results of your braces treatment and keep your smile radiant for years to come.

How to Fix Flared Teeth After Braces


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Fix Flared Teeth After Braces

Is Flared Teeth Normal After Braces?

Flared teeth after braces can be normal due to teeth shifting. It often resolves with time.

How Can Flared Teeth Be Fixed?

Flared teeth can be fixed with treatments like braces, veneers, or dental bonding for improved alignment and aesthetics.

How Do I Get My Teeth Back To Normal After Braces?

To get your teeth back to normal after braces, maintain good oral hygiene, wear retainers as directed, and follow the orthodontist’s advice. Regular dental check-ups are also essential for monitoring and maintaining your new smile.

Why Do My Teeth Look So Big After Braces?

After braces, your teeth may appear larger due to the improved alignment and positioning. This can make them more visible and prominent.


Fixing flared teeth after braces is a common concern post-orthodontic treatment. By exploring various treatment options such as dental bonding, veneers, or tooth reshaping, you can achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile. Consulting with a qualified orthodontist will ensure personalized and effective solutions for your specific dental needs.

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