How Much is the Sacagawea Dollar Coin Worth

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The Sacagawea dollar coin is worth its face value of $1. Introduced in 2000, it features Sacagawea, a Native American woman who guided Lewis and Clark on their expedition, on the front of the coin.

While the coin holds sentimental and historical value, its monetary worth is based solely on its denomination. However, there are some rare and limited edition Sacagawea coins that may hold numismatic value and can be worth more than $1 to collectors.

How Much is the Sacagawea Dollar Coin Worth


History Of The Sacagawea Dollar

The Sacagawea Dollar holds a special place in American history. In 1997, the United States Mint introduced this new one-dollar coin to commemorate the important role played by Native American guide Sacagawea during Lewis and Clark’s historic expedition to the Pacific coast in the early 1800s. The coin’s design and production were unique, aimed at representing the rich cultural heritage of Native Americans. Let’s delve deeper into the intriguing history of the Sacagawea Dollar.

Introduction To The Sacagawea Dollar

The introduction of the Sacagawea Dollar was a significant event in numismatic history. After the discontinuation of the Susan B. Anthony Dollar in 1981, the United States Mint wanted to create a new dollar coin that would embody the spirit of American diversity and pay tribute to Native American contributions. The choice to honor Sacagawea, a Shoshone woman who served as a vital guide and interpreter during the Lewis and Clark expedition, was a powerful symbol of women’s history and Native American culture.

Design And Production Of The Coin

The design of the Sacagawea Dollar was a collaborative effort between renowned sculptor Glenna Goodacre and the United States Mint engraver Thomas D. Rogers Sr. The obverse side of the coin features a portrait of Sacagawea with her infant son, Jean Baptiste. Goodacre’s artwork brilliantly captures the strength, determination, and nurturing spirit of this remarkable historical figure.

On the reverse side of the coin, a soaring bald eagle is depicted, surrounded by 17 stars representing the states of the Union at the time of Lewis and Clark’s expedition. This design, created by Thomas D. Rogers Sr., symbolizes the significant impact the expedition had on the growth and development of the United States.

The production of the Sacagawea Dollar involved a unique composition and the introduction of a golden color. Unlike previous dollars, the Sacagawea Dollar consists of a golden-colored outer layer made of manganese brass, with a pure copper core. This distinctive composition gives the coin its distinct appearance and sets it apart from other denominations.

Since its first release in 2000, the Sacagawea Dollar has become a fascinating collectible item for coin enthusiasts. Its historical significance and beautiful design make it a cherished piece of American currency.


Value And Rarity

The value and rarity of the Sacagawea Dollar coin are determined by its condition, mint mark, and year of issue. Generally, the coin is worth its face value of $1, but certain variations and errors can make it more valuable to collectors.

Checking these factors can help determine the coin’s worth.

The Sacagawea dollar coin holds both value and rarity for coin collectors and enthusiasts alike. Understanding the factors affecting the value and the coin’s rarity and collectibility can help you determine its worth in the market.

Factors Affecting The Value

Several key factors play a significant role in determining the value of the Sacagawea dollar coin. These factors include:

  1. The coin’s date and mintmark: The year the coin was minted and the specific mint where it was produced can affect its desirability and value. Some coins minted during specific years or at particular mints may have a higher worth due to their limited availability.
  2. Condition and grade: The overall condition of the coin plays a critical role in its value. Coins that have been well-preserved, with minimal wear and no damage, are often highly sought after and can command a higher price.
  3. Historical significance: Coins that hold historical significance, such as those minted to commemorate a special event or anniversary, may have a higher value among collectors. The historical context of the coin can greatly influence its attractiveness and demand.
  4. Market demand: The level of demand for a particular coin can influence its value. Coins that are highly sought after by collectors or have a limited supply in the market tend to have a higher value.

Rarity And Collectibility

The rarity of the Sacagawea dollar coin also contributes to its overall worth. While the coin is not considered rare in general circulation, certain variations or specific mint issues can make it more collectible.

Some Sacagawea dollar coins are released in limited quantities or as part of special commemorative sets, making them rarer and more valuable among collectors. These limited editions often have unique features, such as special finishes, alternative designs, or unique packaging, further increasing their desirability.

In addition, errors or varieties in the coin’s production can also impact its rarity and collectibility. Coins with errors, such as missing mintmarks or doubling on the design, are highly sought after by collectors, and their scarcity can contribute to a higher value in the market.

When considering the value and rarity of a Sacagawea dollar coin, it’s essential to consult reliable coin pricing guides or consult with knowledgeable coin dealers. These resources can provide insights into the current market value and help you make informed decisions when buying or selling these coins.

Determining The Coin’s Worth

The value of a Sacagawea dollar coin can fluctuate based on a variety of factors such as its condition, rarity, and collector demand. Determining the worth of a Sacagawea dollar coin involves assessing its condition and consulting price guides and collectors.

Assessing The Condition

When evaluating the worth of a Sacagawea dollar coin, its condition plays a pivotal role. Inspect the coin for any signs of wear, such as scratches, dents, or discoloration. Coins in mint condition typically hold higher value. Despite any wear and tear, if the details and on the coin are still clear and visible, it may retain its worth.

Consulting Price Guides And Collectors

Referencing trusted coin price guides and consulting with experienced collectors can offer valuable insights into the current market value of a Sacagawea dollar coin. Online resources and numismatic publications regularly provide updated information about the pricing of these coins. Obtaining multiple opinions from knowledgeable collectors can help in determining the true value of the coin.

Market Trends And Auction Results

The market trends and auction results for the Sacagawea Dollar Coin reveal its current worth. Stay informed on the coin’s value as it fluctuates regularly.

The Sacagawea dollar coin holds a significant place in American numismatic history. Let’s delve into Market Trends and Auction Results.

Trends In Sacagawea Dollar Prices

– Sacagawea dollar coins continue to garner interest among collectors. – The value of these coins varies based on mintage, condition, and rarity. – High-grade specimens often fetch premium prices in the market. – Collectors closely monitor auction results to gauge the current value.

Notable Auction Sales

Year Sale Price Description
2000 $7,505 Rare uncirculated specimen
2002 $5,210 Proof coin with a mint error
2005 $9,820 First Strike coin in pristine condition
Sacagawea dollars continue to fascinate collectors with their historical significance and appeal.

Tips For Collectors

For collectors interested in the value of Sacagawea Dollar coins, here are essential tips:

Storing And Preserving Sacagawea Dollars

Proper storage and preservation are crucial to maintaining the value of your Sacagawea Dollar coins. Consider using acid-free coin holders or airtight capsules to prevent damage.

Identifying Counterfeits

Ensure you are purchasing authentic Sacagawea Dollars by checking for specific features such as the smooth edge and distinct edge lettering. Watch out for counterfeit coins with irregularities.

How Much is the Sacagawea Dollar Coin Worth


Frequently Asked Questions Of How Much Is The Sacagawea Dollar Coin Worth

How Much Is A 2000 Sacagawea $1 Coin Worth?

A 2000 Sacagawea $1 coin typically has a value of $1 in circulated condition. However, if it is in mint condition or is a rare variety, it may be worth more to collectors. The coin’s worth can vary, so it’s best to have it appraised by a professional.

Which Sacagawea Coin Is Worth The Most?

The 2000-P Sacagawea coin with a mistake in lettering is worth the most. It has an estimated value of $5,000.

Why Is The 2000 P Sacagawea Coin Worth So Much?

The 2000 P Sacagawea coin is valuable due to its low mintage and collector demand.

How Much Is A Sacagawea Gold Dollar Worth Today?

A Sacagawea gold dollar is worth face value of $1 today, but collectors may pay more for rare editions.


The value of the Sacagawea dollar coin is influenced by various factors such as its condition, rarity, and demand from collectors. Despite being circulated as legal tender, its worth can exceed the face value, particularly for certain editions. Understanding these dynamics can assist both collectors and casual owners in recognizing the potential value of this coin.

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