How Much are Passport Pictures at Walgreens

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Passport pictures at Walgreens cost $14.99 for two photos, as of the most recent data available. If you need high-quality passport photos quickly, Walgreens offers a convenient and affordable option.

Their streamlined process allows you to get your photos taken and printed on the spot. With thousands of Walgreens locations nationwide, you can find a store near you to easily get your passport pictures taken. In addition to their affordable pricing, Walgreens provides professional passport photo services that meet the required specifications.

Save time and hassle by getting your passport photos done at Walgreens.

Cost Of Passport Pictures At Walgreens

Cost of Passport Pictures at Walgreens

Are you planning a trip abroad and need a new passport? One crucial requirement is a passport picture that complies with the government’s specifications. Walgreens is a convenient option where you can get your passport picture taken. Here’s an insight into the cost of passport pictures at Walgreens and what to expect when you visit one of their stores.

Standard Passport Picture Cost

The standard cost for a set of 2 passport photos at Walgreens is $14.99. This price includes two perfectly sized and printed pictures that meet all the government requirements for U.S. passports. The high-quality images are printed on a glossy, long-lasting finish to ensure they meet the necessary standards for official identification.

Cost Of Additional Copies

If you need additional passport photos, you can obtain them at a reasonable cost. Each extra set of two passport pictures costs $4.99. This is beneficial if you require multiple copies for visas, travel permits, or other identification purposes.

Discounts And Special Offers

Walgreens occasionally offers discounts and special deals on passport photos. Keep an eye out for promotions that could save you money on your passport picture requirements. It’s advisable to check their website or visit a local store to inquire about any available discounts or offers.

Requirements For Passport Pictures

Size And Dimensions

Passport photos at Walgreens must be 2×2 inches in size with the head measuring between 1-1.4 inches from chin to crown.

Background And Lighting

The background must be plain white or off-white, and the lighting should be even to avoid shadows on the face.

Clothing And Accessories

Wear normal street attire without uniforms or hats. Glasses are only allowed for medical reasons with a doctor’s note.

Process Of Getting Passport Pictures At Walgreens

Walgreens offers passport photo services at an affordable price. With convenient locations, you can get your passport pictures quickly and hassle-free.

The process of getting passport pictures at Walgreens is quick and convenient, making it a popular choice for many individuals needing passport photos.

Scheduling An Appointment

At Walgreens, you can get passport pictures without an appointment. This flexibility saves time and simplifies the process.

Preparing For The Photoshoot

Before your photoshoot, remember to wear clothing that is within passport photo guidelines to ensure a successful picture.
  • Choose a simple background to meet passport photo requirements.
  • Ensure proper lighting to avoid shadows on your face.
  • Remove any accessories like hats or sunglasses for the photo.

Receiving The Printed Pictures

Once your passport pictures are taken, you can quickly receive the printed copies at the Walgreens photo center.
  1. Review the photos to confirm they meet passport standards.
  2. Purchase the pictures and keep them safe until you need them for your passport application.
  3. Double-check the passport photo requirements for your specific application.
How Much are Passport Pictures at Walgreens


Tips For A Successful Passport Photoshoot

For a successful passport photoshoot, consider Walgreens for affordable and convenient passport pictures. Their prices are typically around $12 for a pair of standard passport photos. Visit your nearest Walgreens store and follow their guidelines to ensure a hassle-free experience for your passport pictures.

Tips for a Successful Passport Photoshoot

Choose The Right Clothing

Wearing solid-colored clothes is recommended as patterns and prints may not photograph well. Avoid wearing white or light colors to prevent blending in with the background.

Pay Attention To Lighting

Ensure that the room is well-lit with natural or artificial light, but avoid harsh shadows on your face. Stand against a plain, light-colored background to ensure good contrast.

Follow The Specified Guidelines

Check the official passport photo requirements to ensure compliance with all necessary guidelines. Pay attention to details such as head position, facial expressions, and size specifications.

When taking your passport photo at Walgreens, it’s important to follow these tips for a successful photoshoot. Choosing the right clothing, paying attention to lighting, and following the specified guidelines will help you get a high-quality passport photo that meets all the requirements.

Remember that your passport photo is an official document, so it’s crucial to adhere to the set standards for a professional and acceptable image. By following these tips, you can ensure a stress-free and successful passport photoshoot at Walgreens.

Alternative Options For Passport Pictures

Explore affordable options for passport photos beyond Walgreens, such as CVS or USPS locations. These alternatives offer competitive prices without compromising quality, giving you more flexibility in your choice of where to get your passport picture taken.

If you’re in need of passport photos, you may be wondering about the cost and convenience of getting them at Walgreens. While Walgreens is a popular option for passport pictures, there are alternative options worth considering. Below, we’ll explore two alternative options that may save you time and money.

Diy Passport Photos

If you are on a tight budget and have access to a decent camera and photo editing software, taking your passport photos at home can be a cost-effective alternative. Follow these simple steps to ensure your DIY passport photos meet the required specifications:

  1. Select a well-lit area with a neutral background.
  2. Position yourself directly facing the camera, ensuring your face is fully visible and centered.
  3. Take the photo from a distance of about four feet to avoid any distortion.
  4. Ensure your facial expression is neutral, with your eyes open and mouth closed.
  5. Use photo editing software to resize the image to the required 2×2-inch size and adjust the background color to white if necessary.
  6. Print the photos on high-quality photo paper and cut them to the correct size.

While this option requires some effort and attention to detail, it can save you money and allows you to have full control over the final result.

Other Retailers And Online Services

If the DIY option doesn’t appeal to you or you simply don’t have the necessary equipment, there are other retailers and online services that offer passport photos at competitive prices. These options often provide convenience and professional results. Some alternative retailers and online services to consider for your passport photos include:

Retailer/Service Price Availability
CVS $14.99 Available in-store nationwide
Walmart $7.44 Available in-store nationwide
Online Services (e.g., Passport Photos Online, Varies Convenient online ordering and delivery

These alternative options give you the flexibility to choose the option that works best for you, whether it be based on price, convenience, or both.


How Much are Passport Pictures at Walgreens


Frequently Asked Questions For How Much Are Passport Pictures At Walgreens

What Is The Best Color To Wear For A Passport Photo?

The best color to wear for a passport photo is a plain, neutral color like blue or gray to ensure accurate representation.

Where Is The Best Place To Get A Passport Photo?

The best place to get a passport photo is at your local post office, pharmacy, or a professional photography studio. Look for locations that offer the specific requirements set by the passport agency for size, lighting, and background.

Why Are Passport Photos So Expensive?

Passport photos are expensive due to the strict guidelines set by authorities, requiring professional photographers to ensure accurate and high-quality images. The materials, equipment, and expertise needed to meet these standards contribute to the higher cost.

Can I Use My Iphone To Take A Passport Photo?

Yes, you can use your iPhone to take a passport photo as long as it meets the official requirements. Make sure the lighting is good, the background is plain, and your face is clearly visible. Avoid any digital alterations or filters.

Double-check with your local passport agency to ensure compliance.


Walgreens provides passport pictures at a reasonable cost, making it a convenient option for those needing this service. With a quick and efficient process, you can obtain high-quality passport photos at an affordable price. Whether for travel or other official purposes, Walgreens offers a reliable solution for passport picture needs.

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