How Do You Say Let’S Go in Russian

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The phrase “let’s go” in Russian can be said as “поехали” (poyekhali). In Russian, “let’s go” is commonly used to express a readiness to move or start an activity.

When learning a new language, it’s helpful to start with common phrases like “let’s go” to facilitate communication and interaction with native speakers. Mastering basic expressions not only helps in day-to-day interactions but also provides a foundation for tackling more complex language concepts.

Understanding simple phrases can also make language learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience, leading to greater confidence in using the new language. With the global reach of the Russian language, being familiar with phrases like “поехали” can prove beneficial for travel, business, and personal growth.

How Do You Say Let'S Go in Russian


The Basics Of Russian Language

Russian is an intriguing and vibrant language that is spoken by millions around the world. Whether you’re learning Russian for travel, business, or simply for the love of languages, it’s essential to acquaint yourself with the basics. In this blog post, we’ll explore the fundamentals of the Russian language, focusing on the alphabet and pronunciation, as well as some basic expressions.

Alphabet And Pronunciation

The Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters, each of which has its own distinct sound. While it may seem overwhelming at first, familiarizing yourself with the Russian letters is crucial for pronunciation. Here’s a table showcasing the Russian alphabet along with their corresponding sounds:

Letter Pronunciation
А Ah
Е Ye
Ё Yo
Ж Zh
И Ee
О Oh
У Oo
Ц Ts
Ч Ch
Ш Sh
Щ Shch
Ъ Hard sign
Ь Soft sign
Э Eh
Ю Yoo
Я Ya

By learning and practicing the pronunciation of each letter, you’ll lay a solid foundation for speaking Russian more confidently.

Basic Expressions

Now that we’ve covered the Russian alphabet, let’s move on to some basic expressions that will come in handy during everyday conversations. Here are a few essential phrases:

  1. Привет (Privet) – Hello
  2. Спасибо (Spasibo) – Thank you
  3. Пожалуйста (Pozhaluysta) – You’re welcome/Please
  4. Извините (Izvinite) – Excuse me
  5. Да (Da) – Yes
  6. Нет (Net) – No
  7. Пока (Poka) – Goodbye

Each of these phrases is essential for greeting others, expressing gratitude, apologizing, and more. Practice saying them aloud to improve your pronunciation and fluency.

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of the Russian language, you can confidently start expanding your vocabulary and conversational skills. Stay engaged with the language, and soon you’ll be speaking Russian like a pro!

Common Phrases In Russian

When traveling to a foreign country, learning some common phrases in the local language can enhance the experience. Russian, with its unique alphabet and pronunciation, may seem daunting, but mastering a few basic phrases can go a long way. Whether you’re greeting someone, asking for directions, or making requests, familiarizing yourself with these common phrases can help bridge the language gap.

Greetings And Introductions

When meeting someone in Russian, it’s polite to know how to greet them. Here are some common Russian greetings and introductions:

  • Privet – Hello
  • Kak dela? – How are you?
  • Menya zovut – My name is

Asking For Directions

If you find yourself in need of directions in Russia, knowing how to ask can be incredibly helpful. Here are some essential phrases for asking for directions in Russian:

  • Gde nakhoditsya – Where is
  • Kak proyekhat’ – How to get to
  • Skol’ko eto stoit? – How much is it?

Making Requests

Whether in a restaurant or seeking assistance, being able to make requests is essential. Here are a few common phrases for making requests in Russian:

  • Mozhno – Can I
  • Pozhaluysta – Please
  • Pomogite, pozhaluysta – Help, please

Expression ‘let’s Go’ In Russian

In Russian, the expression ‘Let’s go’ is commonly used to rally people to move or take action. Whether you’re encouraging someone to join you in an activity or signaling it’s time to depart, knowing how to say ‘Let’s go’ in Russian can come in handy. Let’s delve into the translation and usage of this popular phrase.

Translation Of ‘let’s Go’

The literal translation of ‘Let’s go’ in Russian is ‘пойдём’ (pronounced ‘poydyom’). This imperative form is used to invite someone to move or accompany you and is commonly used in various social and casual settings.

Informal And Formal Usage

In informal settings, such as hanging out with friends or family, the expression ‘пойдём’ is fitting. For formal occasions, a polite and more formal version ‘давайте пойдём’ (pronounced ‘davayte poydyom’) can be employed when addressing someone respectfully or making a suggestion in a professional environment.


How Do You Say Let'S Go in Russian


Frequently Asked Questions On How Do You Say Let’s Go In Russian

How Do You Say Lets Go In Russian?

The Russian translation for “lets go” is “пойдём” (poidyom).

What Does Davai Mean Russian?

Davai in Russian means “Let’s go” or “Come on”, commonly used to encourage action or challenge.

How Do You Say Ok In Russian?

The Russian word for “OK” is “Хорошо” (pronounced as kha-rah-sho).

What Does Dos Vidanya Mean?

Dos Vidanya is a Russian phrase that means “goodbye” in English. It is commonly used when parting ways with someone.


To recap, learning how to say “Let’s go!” In Russian can be a fun and useful skill. By understanding the phrase “Поехали!” And its cultural context, you’ll be able to confidently engage with native Russian speakers. So, whether you’re planning a trip to Russia or simply expanding your language repertoire, mastering this phrase will enhance your overall communication skills.

Go ahead and impress your friends with this lively expression!

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