Cerbat Justice Court: Essential Guide

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Cerbat Justice Court is a county court located in Kingman, Arizona that handles both civil and criminal matters. It has two judges, Dave Huerta and David Wayt.

Welcome to Cerbat Justice Court, a county court located in Kingman, Arizona. This court is responsible for handling a wide range of legal matters, including civil and criminal cases. With two experienced judges, Dave Huerta and David Wayt, the court ensures fair and efficient proceedings for both minor and major offenses.

Whether you have a civil dispute or are facing criminal charges, Cerbat Justice Court is dedicated to delivering justice to the community. We will explore the functions and responsibilities of Cerbat Justice Court, as well as the difference between justice court and superior court in Arizona.

Cerbat Justice Court: Essential Guide

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Court Jurisdiction

The Cerbat Justice Court in Kingman, Arizona holds jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases, handling misdemeanors, felonies, and environmental violations. With judges Dave Huerta and David Wayt presiding, it serves as a pivotal legal entity in Mohave County.

Types Of Cases Heard

At Cerbat Justice Court, a range of cases are heard, providing justice for the local community. This court has jurisdiction in various matters, including civil disputes, misdemeanor offenses, traffic violations, and small claims cases. Some of the specific types of cases heard in Cerbat Justice Court include: – Civil disputes: This court handles civil disputes involving claims for damages up to a specific monetary limit set by the law. These cases can include landlord-tenant disputes, contractual disagreements, and property disputes. – Misdemeanor offenses: Cerbat Justice Court deals with misdemeanor offenses such as DUI (Driving Under the Influence), reckless driving, shoplifting, and domestic violence. The court plays a crucial role in ensuring fair trials and appropriate penalties for these offenses. – Traffic violations: The court also hears cases related to traffic violations, including speeding tickets, parking offenses, and driving without a license or insurance. It is responsible for adjudicating these violations and imposing appropriate fines or penalties. – Small claims cases: Cerbat Justice Court provides a forum for resolving small claims disputes. This includes claims for monetary damages within a certain limit, such as unpaid debts, breach of contract, or property damage.

Difference From Superior Court

It is essential to understand the key differences between Cerbat Justice Court and the Superior Court in Arizona. While both courts administer justice, they have distinct jurisdictions based on the severity of the cases they handle. Cerbat Justice Court primarily deals with cases of lower severity and limited monetary claims. Offenses such as misdemeanor DUI or reckless driving are handled in this court. However, if a case escalates beyond the least severe offense, it may be sent to the Superior Court. Superior Court is the higher-level court in Arizona, handling cases of greater severity. Offenses such as murder, sexual assault, or felony charges are handled exclusively by the Superior Court. In these cases, the Superior Court serves as the venue for an in-depth trial, ensuring that justice is served for serious crimes. In conclusion, Cerbat Justice Court has an important role in hearing a range of cases, from civil disputes and misdemeanor offenses to traffic violations and small claims. However, it is crucial to differentiate this court from the Superior Court in terms of the types of cases each court handles.

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Key Personnel

In the Cerbat Justice Court, the key personnel play a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation of the court and the fair administration of justice. From judges to court officials, each individual has specific responsibilities that contribute to the functioning of the court system.


At Cerbat Justice Court, the judges are responsible for presiding over cases and making legal decisions based on the evidence and arguments presented. They ensure that proceedings follow proper legal procedures and ensure that justice is served.

Justice Of The Peace Requirements

To become a Justice of the Peace in Cerbat Justice Court, individuals must meet certain requirements. They must be a resident of the county, be at least 18 years old, and possess a high school diploma or equivalent. In addition, candidates must complete a training program and pass an examination to demonstrate their understanding of legal principles and procedures.

Becoming a Justice of the Peace is a significant responsibility, as these individuals are entrusted with the authority to make important decisions that affect the lives of those involved in the court system. It requires a deep understanding of the law, strong analytical skills, and the ability to remain impartial in the face of challenging situations.

In conclusion, the key personnel at Cerbat Justice Court, including the judges and the Justice of the Peace, play crucial roles in the administration of justice. They ensure that legal proceedings are conducted fairly and in accordance with the law, establishing trust and confidence in the court system.

Comparison With Other Courts

Municipal Courts

Municipal courts are local courts that deal with violations of city ordinances and traffic offenses. They handle cases such as parking violations, speeding tickets, and minor criminal offenses that occur within the boundaries of the municipality.

Superior Court

The Superior Court is a state court of general jurisdiction that handles both criminal and civil cases. It has the authority to hear more serious criminal cases, including felonies, and handles civil cases involving larger sums of money, family law matters, and probate cases.

Federal Court

The Federal Court system is responsible for hearing cases that involve violations of federal laws, cases with parties from different states, and cases involving federal statutes. It also includes bankruptcy courts, tax courts, and appellate courts.

Cerbat Justice Court: Essential Guide

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Public Opinion And Reviews

Personal Experiences

  • Portia Stover praised the efficiency of the Cerbat Justice Court staff.
  • AJ expressed dissatisfaction with the treatment received during their court visit.
  • William “Will” McEuen disliked the court setting of Cerbat Justice Court.

Community Sentiment

  • Kingman Municipal Court is a recognized city courthouse in the community.
  • Conciliation Court of Mohave County is appreciated as a local court for dispute resolution.
  • Mohave County Constable Department is a dependable county government office according to locals.
  • Honorable Gary Pope and Cooper Carl are respected figures within the city and county government.

Frequently Asked Questions On Cerbat Justice Court

What Is The Difference Between Justice Court And Superior Court In Arizona?

The justice court in Arizona handles misdemeanor cases like DUI, while the superior court deals with more serious offenses like murder and sexual assault. If an offense escalates, it goes to the superior court. The Kingman Cerbat Justice Court deals with civil and criminal matters, including felonies.

Who Is The Judge Of The Kingman Justice Court?

The judge of the Kingman Justice Court are Dave Huerta and David Wayt. They handle both civil and criminal matters, including minor and major felonies.

What Are The Requirements To Be A Justice Of The Peace In Arizona?

To be a justice of the peace in Arizona, you must be a registered voter in Arizona, reside in the justice court precinct, and have a good understanding of the English language.

What Cases Go To The Az Municipal Courts?

Arizona Municipal Courts hear cases involving traffic violations, misdemeanor offenses, and city ordinance violations.


The Cerbat Justice Court in Kingman, Arizona, plays a crucial role in dispensing justice for both civil and criminal matters. With dedicated judges like Dave Huerta and David Wayt, the court ensures fair adjudication and upholds the law. If you are in need of legal assistance, the Cerbat Justice Court stands ready to serve the community with integrity and professionalism.

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